Recycling Corrugated

Corrugated is the leading natural recyclable packaging and shipping material.

The term "corrugated recycles" is both a statement and a way to promote recycling and recyclability.

The use of this symbol will further increase corrugated's recovery rate and help reduce landfill disposal.

Corrugated has been recycled for decades and it is more likely than any other paper product to be recycled. OCC (old corrugated containers) are one of the few materials that are recycled into the same product.

Boxes that should not be recycled, are those that are contaminated by toxic or hazardous materials or if they have been treated with plastic extrusions or laminates, wax coatings, etc.

More environmental facts:

  • 92.9% of corrugated produced in 2015 was recovered for recycling!
  • Raw materials used to make corrugated are renewable resources. These include lumber by-products such as newspapers, straw, sawdust, and wood chips as well as old corrugated.
  • A single fiber from a corrugated container can be recycled up to six times!