How to Buy It

When buying corrugated packaging, there are a few things to keep in mind and consider:


1. What is the purpose of the packaging?

  • Is the carton simply for protection during transportation of product and then immediately discarded?

  • Would the carton serve as storage for a continuous use product?

  • Will package be used as a point of purchase/point of sale advertising?

  • Should the packaging be reusable/returnable?


2. What product am I putting in the carton?

  • What are the product's weight, value, and density? (50# of BB's or 50# metal block)

  • Is pilferage a concern?


3. How soon do I need my corrugated packaging?

  • Is lead time adequate for a custom design and manufacturing?


4. Will the carton be printed?

  • Should your company name or product information be on the box?

  • Will the box have advertising impact -- either retail or wholesale?

  • Are general handling/shipping requirements necessary (fragile, UP arrows)?

  • Is the product hazardous?


5. If used for shipping, how am I going to ship the carton?

  • Will product be shipped individually (UPS, US Postal Service) from the customer, or will it go bulk to end destination?

  • How will boxes be palletized? Will loads be double/triple stacked in transit or in storage?

  • What environmental conditions will the box be exposed to (humidity, salt air, heat, cold)?

  • Is returnable/reusable packaging required?


6. Will my product need additional inner-packing for cushioning?

  • Can the product rub/bump together?

  • Is the product available to customize a packaging design?

  • Will the product bear its own weight?

  • Will slots for each piece speed packing and quantity control?


7. Is my product hazardous?

  • Some products are considered stable individually but when bulk shipped they are deemed hazardous. Example: hair spray - 1 can is not a problem but when it is shipped in pallet loads UN testing is required.


8. Is my product food?

  • Will food contact the carton?

  • Will food be bagged first?

  • Will products be refrigerated?

  • Will your goods be stored in a humid or refrigerated environment? You may want to consider Waterproof Adhesive (WPA) / or Water-Resistant Adhesive (WRA).

  • Are vent holes or gaps on flaps required?

  • Are wax or grease resistant coatings required?

  • Are water-resistant liners needed?

  • What markings must be on the outside of the carton? Requirements vary from state to state.


9. Corrugated comes in different grades. What board grade will my package require?

  • All of the above will determine the best material for your product.


10. Can GBP help me redesign my package to be more effective?

  • We have the knowledge, experience, education, and training to create the best-corrugated packaging for your needs! Learn more about our Custom Design Packaging services or Contact Us today.