Corrugated Basics

What is Corrugated?

When most people think of corrugated, they often think of a box…but there is more to corrugated than meets the eye!

Corrugated is easily recognized by its "rippled" layer. These ripples are called flutes and they are what makes corrugated so rigid and strong. They also cushion and protect your product.

The flutes adhere to one or more smooth layers called "liners" or "liner board." We can print directly on or adhere a label to the smooth liner.

Corrugated is the most popular shipping medium. It is inexpensive and the only packaging medium that can be cut and folded into thousands of different shapes and sizes.

Corrugated offers many combinations of board types, flute sizes, adhesives, and coatings so it can be custom-designed for your product's specifications (your specs might include protection/cushioning, shelf space, and product visibility in the store). The manufacturing process offers many opportunities to create an outstanding and if necessary, unique corrugated product.

Corrugated is adaptable, durable, and environmentally conscious. It is lightweight and inexpensive compared to other packaging mediums. All this means that corrugated could be the best choice for your needs.