Manufacturing Process

As a box manufacturer, Wisconsin Packaging Division has the equipment and experience to score, slot, print and join corrugated and solid fiberboard sheets into boxes and displays. The finished product is often a knocked down container that is set up by the end user.


Here is a clip of the process that our team does to manufacture the boxes! 


Generally, here is how we turn a sheet of corrugated material into a "finished" container.

  • Printing

    When printing directly onto the substrate, flexography is the most common option, using water-based inks.
  • Scoring & Perforating

    A score is a crease pressed into the board to accommodate folding. Perforations are used rather than or in addition to scoring. A perforation is a series of spaced cuts to accommodate removal of material or opening of the box.
  • Slotting

    Necessary for most box styles. A slot is used for folding panels inside the box.
  • Die-Cutting

    A standard or custom die is used to create the shape of the flat box, ventilation holes, curves, angle, self-closing box styles or flap extensions that position product within a box.
  • Joints

    The usual reference is to the manufacturer’s joint when two folds bring the ends of the box together near the center where they are joined with glue, tape or wire stitches.
  • Finishing

    We frequently laminate full or spot labels or multiple sheets of board, or add coatings and various other finishes to our customer’s orders.