Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Most common box style.

For the Regular Slotted Container, all of the flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps are one-half the container's width so they can meet in the center. They always require glue, tape, or staples to close. Because of this highly efficient design, there is little manufacturing waste.

If the product requires a level base or additional protection of two full layers, a pad can be placed between the two inner flaps. Generally, RSC boxes are single wall, for additional protection, the board can be also double wall or triple wall. 



Common UsesRegular Slotted Container

  • Custom Shipping Boxes
  • Electronics Supplies
  • Retail Packaging
  • Books or Catalogs
  • Moving Boxes
  • Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Storage Containers
  • Product Packaging



Die Line Sample:

Regular Slotted Container