1-2-3 Bottom Container or Quick Setup Boxes

The top of Quick Setup boxes can have a variety of tops. For example, the box can be customized to be the same as the Regular Slotted Container (RSC), a separate cover top, a tuck top, or a locking cover. What makes it different, from most boxes, is the die cut bottom panels.

To set up, you just fold the largest bottom panel first, then the two end panels. When the last bottom panel is folded up and pressure is applied near the center, the flap snaps into the slot created by the other panels. These boxes can greatly reduce the time needed to pack your products on your packaging line!

This is great for small volume shippers who do not have automatic set-up equipment. 


quick box

Common Uses

  • File Boxes
  • Light Weight Storage
  • Light Shipping Containers





Die Line Sample:

123 Bottom





Similar box styles include:


Crash Lock Box

Crash-lock boxes are designed in such a way that when the user simply pushes the opposite corners towards each other, the base will automatically lock together to create a secure and rigid bottom. The clever design of crash lock boxes ensures that even though they are pre-glued, they can be supplied flat for the end user to assemble in one swift, easy action.

This is great for small volume shippers who do not have automatic set-up equipment.


Wisconsin Packaging Division Patented SmartFold™

It is easy to see how the patented SmartFold™ Box is improving storage, stacking, shipping, and display-ready containers for all types of products, produce and office needs. With one pull, the flat, folded box becomes a double-sided and two-ply reinforced-bottom box for light to heavy-duty content storage. Choose from 2 types of closure options or add the stacking inserts for stability.

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