The SmartFold™ Box for Produce

We’ve studied the options available to the produce industry and carefully listened to our customers to combine the best features and the market’s needs into one productive, low-cost solution.

It is the Produce Box’s design that makes it the most versatile, total cost-efficient and environmentally friendly produce container for everyone in the produce distribution chain.

For growers, The Produce Box entices retailers to try a wider variety of products because they feel comfortable with the way products will be shipped and are display-ready. Retail buyers feel that these features represent a commitment to service.

At the front end of the supply chain, growers appreciate our corrugated solution for it’s low-cost and ease-of-use, exceptional product protection, high shipping density and the opportunity for colorful brand identification. These features also are important to retailers because it improves operational and merchandising efficiency.

The innovations of our patented produce box make it the hands-down best container for every step in the produce process, from the growers’ fields through the distribution chain to the retail environment.

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Note: The footprint of this carton will also meet the new FBA Modularity Standards (5/10-down configuration).