Mueller-Matic™ for Industrial Storage

More Storage Capacity-One-Pull Assembly-Better Stacking Strength-Reusable


Storage Made Easier:

It’s easy to see how the patented Mueller-Matic is improving storage for all types of needs. With one pull, the flat, folded box becomes a double-sided and two-ply reinforced-bottom box for light to heavy-duty content storage.


One-Of-A-Kind Appearance:

Only the Mueller-Matic can offer custom logo printing on every box. Your printed logo or company name will make the Mueller-Matic a highly-visible, reusable box tote, as well as a quick-find while in the long-term storage.


Custom Orders:

From printing your company name on each box to specifying different box sizes and colors—your Mueller-Matic tote will be delivered to your specifications. Wisconsin Packaging Division is the design and production headquarters of not only the Mueller-Matic but all kinds of corrugated boxes.


Closure Options:

Choose from the following closure options ...

  • One-Piece Box features a touch overlapping closure.
  • Two-Piece Box features a strong removable cover.


Added Stacking Strength:

Stacking inserts are available. These quick and easy inserts add stability and confidence to stacking boxes on top of each other.

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U.S. Patent # 5,887,782