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Point of Purchase Displays - Invaluable Tools to Sell Your Product

Point of purchase displays, commonly called POP displays, are vital ways a business can put their product in front of a consumer and make a sale happen. Most consumers go through a store with the bulk of what they want to buy already in mind, and they generally get what they need and head to a checkout station or cash register.

Utilizing point of purchase displays guarantees that every customer who makes a purchase will see what you want them to focus on every time they come to the register. In most cases, point of purchase displays highlight and draw consumer attention to "impulse" purchases.

point of purchase displayDespite knowing what they want when they come through your door, many customers are also drawn to products that are displayed in a more noticeable or prominent fashion - this is where the POP display comes in. A well done display will have customers looking at or focusing on one product over another, possibly even to the point of convincing them that they "need" that product in some way.

Point of purchase displays can be something simple like a small sign or banner highlighting a particular product, or they can be more detailed and complex - using light, motion, color, sound, or other visual and auditory methods to attract a customer's attention. You want your display to be tastefully done, however, and not be so overbearing or annoying that the potential purchaser is turned away from the product because they feel it is being force-fed to them.

Displays can be drawn from a variety of product shelving sources including corrugated, and they can be utilized to highlight events, items, sale items, discounted offers, or other products and specials at your location that you might want customers to be interested in noticing.

A typical tactic to employ with any POP display is to provide statements in the display advertising explaining to the consumer why they would want or need a particular item, or why it would be useful or beneficial to them in some way. The customer is already making a buying decision - they are at the register and ready to spend money on their existing purchases - so it is often very easy to sway them into adding something else to their purchase with well-worded or visually enticing advertising.

Another method of promoting your merchandise is to keep the POP display changing. If the customer sees the same item week after week, they become "blind" to what you are attempting to sell them. Change the item or the display on a regular basis to keep it from becoming stale.

Using point of purchase displays can be an invaluable tool to help you sell any product as long as you make the display interesting or appealing to your target consumers. Keep them interested and you will keep them buying!




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