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Workplace Happiness Is Key At WPC

For years, surveys have often revealed that Denmark is the happiest country on earth, and much of it has to do with how happy its citizens are with their work life. Compared to the average American worker, Danish employees typically work less hours and have more vacation time. At Wisconsin Packaging Corp., we like to take measures to ensure that we maintain a happy workplace, even in the busiest of times.

Quarterly Luncheons
Every quarter WPC holds a luncheon over the noon hour. Sometimes these lunches are homemade, and sometimes they are catered, but they always hit the spot. Following lunch, department managers have a chance to talk about the accomplishments both as a team and individually. Common accomplishments include production records, sales increases, and employee milestone dates. At the end of each luncheon, employees have a chance to answer questions about the company and the meeting to win a variety of prizes. When the luncheon concludes, employees generally leave with a smile and a sense of appreciation.

50/50 Paddles
During several months throughout the year, WPC runs a 50/50 raffle, where employees can pay $2 for a paddle, with a chance to win 50% of the pot. The other 50% is raised for a particular cause in the community. Our current 50/50 paddles raise money for Blessings in a Backpack, a nonprofit organization that provides food to children who otherwise may not get to eat outside of meals provided by schools. Our team has also decided that upcoming paddle proceeds will go towards a contribution to the family of an employee that recently passed away. Employees are always on a lookout for paddles, and often times the winner donates their winnings to the cause.

Competitions and Traditions
From time to time, WPC will run competitions like the Biggest Loser to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as camaraderie in the workplace. While we live in a competitive society, winning is only part of the motivation. Weekly standings for these competitions give other employees a chance to recognize the leaders, and those who aren’t leading are genuinely happy for the most successful participants. Another tradition around the holidays is Secret Santa. We always conclude this with a mini luncheon, where everyone has a chance to guess who has been bringing gifts for them. Some will claim they’re good at guessing, but it isn’t clear whether they’re good, or if others aren’t sly enough!

Family Picnic
The WPC Family Picnic is a tremendously attended event each summer. Employees and their loved ones join together at a local park, where we have a cookout, a bag tournament, door prizes (nobody goes home empty handed!), live music, and plenty of activities for kids to participate in. Everything is free of charge, and concludes with more milestone recognition and words of appreciation from the managers. Everyone enjoys visiting with each other’s families, and the weather almost always cooperates!

While we may work more hours than the average Danish worker, WPC does everything it can to rival the happiness of the workforce in Denmark. It is extremely important to know that our employees feel happy and appreciated. Sure we’re exceptionally hard-working, but we really know how to enjoy one another’s company. 

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