WPC Looks To Learn And Grow With Customers

At Wisconsin Packaging Corp., we have all sorts of different customers. Some are 1 or 2 person operations, and others are large international corporations. There are customers who have been in business for over a century, and then there are some who are just getting ready to launch their first product.

We’ve seen all sorts of buyers as well. Some have been ordering packaging for years and seem to know the corrugated industry almost as well as we do—and some are secretaries who are in charge of ordering boxes when stock is low. No matter which category you and your company fall under, WPC is happy to serve your needs. We believe there are benefits to all of the above.

We want to grow with you
Just about every business on the planet has intentions of growing in some form. We are no different. We’ve been steadily growing since opening in 1986. We’ve seen those single person operations turn into large companies, and we’ve seen large companies turn into international giants. Wherever you are in your business cycle, we can help one another grow.

Whether growing for you means adding a new product that needs packaging or adding new customers that increase your current products, our team can make sure you’re taken care of from the day you bring us a project to the day it is used and shipped out of your warehouse. We have a full-time design team that can help you develop innovative packaging that will protect your product and be aesthetically pleasing. Our customer service team is set up to have someone available at all times to make sure your order will come exactly how you wish. Once it reaches production, our processes include double and triple checks, and we can assure you that our company owned fleet will deliver your order on time.

All of these can help speed up your processes and can save you money, allowing you to grow. When you begin to grow, we can continue to grow.

Learning is a two-way street
While we have excellent knowledge of packaging and can teach customers a lot about what would work and not work for their needs, we understand that we can learn something from customers as well. Sometimes a problem is the best way to help us learn.

You may be in an industry that sees an abnormal amount of damage during shipping. We’d love to learn about that problem, and do everything we can to minimize that damage through protective packaging. This knowledge will not only help us with that specific product, but can help us with projects moving forward.

Maybe you’ve got an idea for packaging that would help you speed up your filling process. Nobody knows your business as well as you do, so we’d love to hear what you have in mind. It’s important to us that our customers are comfortable coming to us with these types of things, because everybody can benefit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company, new to packaging or a crafty veteran, we want to serve you. We can help one another learn and grow, and both companies can benefit.

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