Much to Consider when Designing Custom Corrugated Boxes

The custom example above illustrates the creativity and engineering skills of the design team at Wisconsin Packaging. This simple, yet attractive box (left) provides several options for storage when opened (right).

Designing a cardboard box may sound easy enough, but it entails much more than you would imagine. The perfect box not only looks great but is also extremely practical. The following information provides you with the benefits, performance and the specification capabilities of utilizing custom corrugated boxes:



Custom corrugated boxes have many benefits that make it the best possible choice for packaging, storing, shipping, and merchandising. These benefits include:

  • Lightweight material
  • Recyclable (one box can be recycled up to eight times!)
  • Made primarily from post-consumer recycled materials
  • Lower packaging costs sustained by the customer, due to sustainability properties of corrugated
  • Extremely versatile



Now that you know some of the benefits of corrugated boxes and before a sample is ordered, you need to ask yourself the following questions concerning performance:

  • Should there be a window to give customers a glimpse of the product inside?
  • If the product consists of separate parts, does the box need divisions?
  • Is the product part of a specific line? Does it need to adhere to a certain look?
  • Should the box provide space for predetermined images, logos or artwork?
  • Will the boxes be filled by hand or automatically?


Boxes are constructed to your specifications, with regard to:

  • Box dimensions (length, width and depth)

  • Corrugated thickness (based on fluting size)

  • Additional corrugated padding for protective cushioning

  • Separation of box interior via corrugated partitions

  • Ability to label boxes with SKU, UPC/bar codes, a point of origin, batch/lot number, date of manufacture, product description, destination data and other item-specific details


Benefits of Custom Design in Box Printing/Labeling for Retail Displays

Corrugated boxes are ideal for retail displays and point-of-purchase promotional advertising due to their durability, lightweight, and flexibility. They can be manufactured into any shape or size, including intricately designed multiple-component displays, and can be printed or labeled with any visual or textual content.  Whether you want a small and colorful single-piece display for a checkout counter or a larger and more detailed stand-up display for a store aisle, corrugated boxes can be created to meet your specifications and needs, no matter how simple or complex.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to choosing corrugated boxes tailored to your company's custom design specifications. The talented design engineers at Wisconsin Packaging are up to the challenge and can provide you with an array of options. Whether you need sustainable low-cost packaging, a durable way to expose your brand to consumers, or an inexpensive long-lasting container alternative, Wisconsin Packaging can and will deliver!


To learn more, please call 920.563.9363 or e-mail us at to schedule a meeting with one of our sales professionals.

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