Packaging Is Key For Beverage Industry

The abundance of beverage companies has never been so great, and it continues to grow more and more. Whether it’s beer, tea or even bottled water, it seems like there’s more to choose from every time you walk into the store. But just like any other industry, putting a product on the market in the beverage industry is a process that takes a lot of hard work and decision making.

One of the most important aspects to consider when your new beverage is ready to hit the store is its packaging. With shelves and coolers filled end-to-end, you need packaging that will draw attention to your product. Sometimes it’s the package’s structural design that draws you in, and other times it’s bright colors and unique print design that really catch attention of the consumer.

Packaging Options

Six or Four Pack 
The most common choice for craft brews, pre-mixed hard beverages and even sodas of the glass bottle variety, six and four packs don’t all have to have the same design. In fact, there are a lot of unique designs that can be used with E-flute corrugated. Consumers will love the packaging because it’s different than most of the others on the shelf, and store employees will love the strength when stocking shelves.

Twelve, Twenty-Four Packs and Master Cases
The bigger the box, the more room you have to make your brand stand out! Whether you’re packaging 12 or 24 packs, or using a master case to package multiple smaller cases, you’ll need a larger and much stronger box. The large surface area of these give you a chance to show your brand through all phases of the supply chain. Using quality graphics and colors will help increase your brand recognition to both new consumers and those returning for more.

Wine Carriers
Just like the craft brewing industry, wineries are popping up more and more, much due to the fact that millennials now account for nearly HALF of all wine sales in the United States. While most large wineries ship to liquor stores in some sort of master case, many smaller ones sell exclusively at their winery. A lot of wineries use boxes created to send a bottle or two home with their customers. A nice wine carrier will not only get bottles home safer than a plain brown bag, but can typically be reused by the customer or given as gifts. This means even more people should see your brand on the box!

There has been major growth in the production of bag-in-box beverages the last several years. These can be used for just about any beverage. The most popular is wine, but they’ve also been used for hard beverages, juices and sports drinks. Since these are made primarily for social gatherings, it’s important to make the packaging memorable. Someone may see your bag-in-box beverage at one event, and be in charge of supplying beverages at another upcoming event. If they remember your packaging, they’ll be sure to look for it later!

Point-of-Purchase Displays
Shelf space is hard to come by this day in age, so often times companies will have to purchase floor space to sell their product. Point of purchase displays are another great way of promoting your company and product and can be a great way to introduce your product to the market until you are able to secure shelf space. Learn more about POP displays here!

For information on package printing, check out this blog! Or if you’d like to talk to someone at WPC about your beverage packaging, contact us today!

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