WPC Adds New Flexo

Area gets prepped for installation.

Wisconsin Packaging Corp. takes pride in the high quality products produced and delivered in a timely matter. Keeping equipment up to date is a key part of why we’re successful. Sometimes it’s necessary to bring in new pieces of equipment, and at the end of 2016, that’s just what we did. WPC purchased a new TCY flexo folder gluer as an upgrade in both quality and efficiency.

For years, WPC has had three flexos, but lacked a very high speed and versatile machine.

Pallets of machine pieces came one by one.“The general efficiency of the old machine was very poor,” said Plant Manager Kurt Wandrey. “It didn’t run fast enough, and set up times were too slow to meet customer demand.”

The new machine runs at a much higher speed, and set up times could get all the way down to 4-6 minutes. To eliminate any speed and quality issues, WPC was looking for a few specific features in a new piece of machinery. Vacuum transfer and a top stack counter ejector were two major selling points, and being computerized helps speed things up and maintain a high quality finished product.

For General Manager Dan West, the decision to purchase from TCY ultimately came down to value. “Out of all the machines we looked at, this one had the most value,” said West. “We were able to upgrade everything we wanted at a better price with TCY.”

One of the major advantages WPC has gained from the TCY is its minimum box size. The machine is able to produce a smaller box than most of the competition is able to offer, opening up new opportunities across various industries. Aside from minimum size, the machine as a whole is much more versatile than the old mini flexo. In fact, the TCY was able to take jobs from other machines to run at a higher speed, which shortens the job list for those machines and shortens turnaround time for the customer.

The new flexo adds to production capacity.“Every machine has a sweet spot,” stated Wandrey. “So we were able to take some jobs from other machines to run them at a higher speed. The shorter labor time saves the customer money.”

“With two shifts of eight hours each day, and the speed of the new machine, we have gained a much higher capacity in our plant,” said West.

Consistency is another improvement that comes with the new flexo. While the machine itself can produce more consistent boxes than the old machine, knowing that our long-time partnership with Independence Corrugated in Oak Creek assures both WPC and our customers that they will get a quality product each and every order.

When WPC set out to find a new flexo folder gluer, TCY was able to offer us a machine that did everything that we wanted. Its versatility and consistency help us remain the quality company that gets the job done!

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