Don't Get Rid Of Those Old Boxes Just Yet!

We’ve all reused boxes before—whether it’s for shipping, storing or moving. But often times as soon as we open up a box and remove its contents, we break it down and throw it in the recycling bin. But maybe we should all think twice about getting rid of boxes so quickly. There are a countless number of other ways to reuse your boxes. Here are 10 things to do with your boxes when their initial purpose has been served. Some are obvious, and some take a little more creativity, but all of them can save you from spending resources elsewhere.

  1. Sort and store your files, magazines, etc.
    Cut down your boxes into individual file storage units to keep organized. You’ll have to have the right size boxes, but once you do, they should last as long as you want them to.
  2. Organize your drawers at home or in the office.
    Think of the tray you have all of your dining utensils in. Use the bottom of a box to make the tray, and then use the rest to cut out perfect sized dividers to keep you organized. This works great for different writing utensils, or just about anything else that you store in your junk drawer.
  3. Stand on it to keep your feet warm at football games.
    Not much compares to a December afternoon at Lambeau Field—as long as you’re warm that is! Next time you make the voyage to the Frozen Tundra, make sure you bring a flat piece of corrugated. While you may think your boots have plenty of insulation, an extra layer underneath can make a big difference when standing in one spot for 3-4 hours. Bonus Tip: You’ll get the same effect if you lay a piece of corrugated under you while making winter car repairs in your garage.
  4. Use it as a recycle bin.
    If you’re not already, cut the flaps off of your box and start throwing your old papers in it. Not only does it save you from buying a plastic recycling bin for your office, but your box can be thrown right into your large outdoor recycling bin if you’re done using it.
  5. Save your knees when scrubbing your floors.
    Next time your in-laws are coming to town, scrub your floors with corrugated under your knees. It’s not as much cushioning as knee pads or garden kneelers, but it costs you nothing and does the trick in a pinch.
  6. Create your own spray paint booth.
    Everyone has a project that requires spray painting from time-to-time. A lot of people use a broken down box underneath the item being painted, but why not just use the box as a small spray paint booth? This will keep the wind from blowing spray paint towards you or any valuable items you may have nearby.
  7. Make your own coasters.
    We’ve all been in a situation where there are more people than coasters. Use an old E-flute box to cut your own coasters. These can serve as a backup, or if you’re creative enough, you can make some aesthetically pleasing and strong homemade coasters with a few other supplies.
  8. Make your own home décor.
    This one may not be for everybody, but a few Google searches will show you several ways to reuse boxes for decoration. People have successfully done this both using the box in original form, or cutting out and making various wall hangings. The possibilities are endless.
  9. Let your kids decide.
    Children have extraordinary imaginations, so the opportunities here are infinite. You can build them a playhouse, a dollhouse, or even that castle they’ve always dreamed of! And the best part is, they’d love spending time making it with you.
  10. Recycle it!
    While we’ve discussed plenty of uses for your old boxes, sometimes you just need to get them out of your house. If you’re doing so, make sure you recycle it! The corrugated industry has recovered up to 98% of old corrugated containers in recent years, making it one of the most sustainable packaging industries around. So when you just need to get rid of boxes, join the effort and throw them in the correct bin! 
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